Q: What is this blog?
A: A blog that specialist sharing about Music and PV.

Q: Why there only a few music and PV that you share?
A: I just share from my favorite artist music.

Q: Can I request?
A: As long that from music artist that I like, otherwise nope.

Q: Why? :(
A: Um...

Q: Can reupload this music/PV?
A: Sure, I always online everday (not everytime) so just leave a comment I
    will reupload it for sure ^^

Q: Why most of your PV resolution is 1080p?
A: Because 1080p PV is blessed XD

Q: Any idea how to download your music in your playlist?
A: You can check it in here

Q: You cool~
A: Thanks, most people saying that in the comment but I'm not cool as you
    think lol

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