This is a blog that specialist for Music and PV.
Please read FAQ for more detail.

All Singles and Albums that are in this blog is not my own.
I'm just share from Anime-mp3 and Hikari no Akari OST.
Most of them are shared and some of them are re-upload by me.
All music that I share is signify with source from the website I share.

For PV, I'm not put the source because I got it via googling and I forgot the link I download it, but most them are from R3z4prof's Blog, MLBeto, and some from JPDDL.

Check their website for more Singles, Albums or PVs.


  1. Just wanna say thanks for sharing all this music. I really wish that I could've bumped into this blog early. Thanks for helping get through the exam season and please, continue what you're doing so others can enjoy too! =)

  2. Thanks for the music, really enjoying it xD